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HTML Heading Tag.

HTML Headings are defined with the <h1> and <h6>

HTML Paragraphs

HTML paragraph tag is defined as <p>. This tag is used to work with paragrahs.

HTML Links

HTML Links are defined with the <a>. The main attribute used in the tag is href. This attribute is used to provide the path of contents to establish link.

HTML Line break Tag.

HTML line break tag is used to break the line and the content following <br> starts from the new line. It is an empty tag, where we need not to worry about opening and closing tag.

Centring the contents of a page

The contents of HTML page can be centred using <center> tag. You can used this tag to centre the contents of page and table cell also.

Horizontal Line

Horizontal lines are used to visually break up sections of a document. The <hr>tag creates a line from the current position in the document to the right margin and breaks the line accordingly.


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