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HTML Forms

HTML forms are used to collect some data from the site visitors . when a user registration form is required to fill, a form will take from the site visitor and then will post to a back-end applications. The back-end applications will perform the required processing on the passed data according to the defined logic of the business.
<form>….</form> tag is used to create HTML form. The basic sytax is :-
<form action=script url method =GET or POST>
Form controls are displayed here….

Form Attributes

  • Action :- It Backend script to process passed data.
  • Method :- it is used to upload the data. Most important methods are GET ,POST.
  • Target :- It Specify the target window where the result of the script will be displayed. It uses the values like _blank, _self, _parent etc.

HTML Form Controls

HTML Form use following controls to collect the data

  • Text Input Control
  • Checkboxes controls
  • Radion Button Controls
  • Select Box Controls
  • File Select Boxes
  • Hidden Controls
  • Clickable Buttons
  • Submit & Reset Buttons.


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